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5 Reasons Why You Need Mold Testing


Most people neglect the importance of a mold inspection, and act only upon when mold growth becomes visible and destructive, eventually finding themselves regretting of how much money they could have saved if they have only prevented it in the first place. Mold destruction could cost at least $2,000. Imagine yourself spending such amount which could have been allocated for other essential projects for your family. And talking about family, the repercussions of this wrong decision go beyond financial aspect, but also health concerns.

Quest Mold and Asbestos, a mold testing service and a asbestos testing service has been helping hundreds of people in the five boroughs of New York City and Long Island avoid such problems by detecting molds and asbestos. Among the various reasons why they are contacted with such service, 5 main reasons revealed to be common and that you may also be currently experiencing.



If you observe a discoloration or stain especially with slimy or furry coating on you wall, ceiling, cabinet, sinks, sofa, and other areas of your home and even on your personal belongings such as unused clothes, most likely it is a mold. This is the most common reason people call for mold inspection. However, this observation is often underestimated and even neglected because people thought that it is normal especially if the air is humid or if it is wet season. Downplaying little mold growth is dangerous. Mold can grow within 24 hours, and it will start spreading for next 2-3 days without being visible. People should know that visible mold is not the start of mold growth but already the effect of its germination and growth. So, if you have just seen a visible mold, no matter how small it is, it means that is currently spreading and has been in your home for at least 3 weeks. And another day passes not attending it means allowing the mold to spread even more. Thus, you need a mold testing immediately to confirm.


Molds are not only visible, but sometimes they also stink. They smell earthy and damp like a decomposing timber or a sweaty dirty sock. This problem is much trickier considering people misattributed its source from sink, sewage, and/or water issue. In this case, you may call a plumber to inspect, but he would find that it drains well. You may also even pay for newer pipes and other necessary materials, yet you would still wonder why that specific stink doesn’t go away.  This could be caused by undetected molds. Your house should not only look sleek and clean, but it must also smell clean and fresh to give an overall homey effect. It may be hard to believe what you don’t see, but what you smell may save you from that doubt. Thus, immediate mold testing is a must.


The effects of molds to one’s health can range from experiencing runny rose, sneezing, itchy eyes, sore throat, cough, worse to respiratory infection such as invasive aspergillosis which can rapidly spread from lungs to brain and other organs in the body. Just like the previous reason, these symptoms are often misjudged because people only qualify these as mild allergy reactions and can easily be treated by taking antihistamine. This is literally risky. In this case, you may be observing these allergies and notice that they keep coming back. So, you would clean your room, and brush dirt and dust expecting that it would end the burden just like how it usually works for you. But instead, the symptoms continue and worsen and that really worries you now. This may be caused by molds hidden yet blooming freely at the back of your lovely floral wallpaper of your room. Hence to confirm, you need the expertise and service of a mold inspector.


Mold inspection is necessary especially if there are babies, older people, and people with existing health issues living at your home.  These people are most likely your kids and your parents. And whether we like it or not, they are much more susceptible to the health consequences caused by molds. So, you need to ensure that your home is safe. However, as what you now know, molds can exist even it is not yet visible especially mold spores which can be present in the air. Since you cannot confirm its presence at your home for yourself, hence you need to call a mold testing service.


Molds do not only exist at your own homes, but also in buildings, workplaces, even properties sold by realtors. If you are considering buying a new home or even refurbishing an old one or even selling a real estate property, you must make sure that is mold free. Mold is a dealbreaker considering how bothersome and risky it is. Statistics shows that 60% of American houses do have molds, and some of them did not know that they have mold. This can be attributed to the location which usually experiences excessive rain especially flooding. Most of the clients found molds on roofs, pipes, and windows. These are perfect spots for molds to thrive since they are moist. So, you must check for leakages of these areas and make sure the rooms are well-ventilated since cool temperature gives much moisture for molds to grow and disperse. This can only be addressed if you call a mold testing service to technically prove that the property is prone to molds or has mold. From then, they can refer and contact someone who will remediate the problem.