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Whether you’re conducting a renovation or installing new flooring or siding, it’s important to take precautions when working with building materials imported into the United States. Many of these materials contain asbestos, and exposure to this substance can lead to serious illnesses. The problem is that some types of products only test positive for asbestos when they are taken apart and examined under a microscope. To determine what kind of products you might be working with, you’ll want to try our quality-proven asbestos testing services. We handle professional asbestos testing needs.


  • Bulk Sampling: Asbestos bulk sampling refers to the process of collecting and analyzing samples of materials suspected to contain asbestos. This is typically done to determine the presence and quantity of asbestos fibers in a given material. The process involves collecting representative samples of the material, such as building materials, insulation, or other products, and sending them to a laboratory for analysis. The samples are typically collected using specific procedures and tools to minimize disturbance and release of asbestos fibers. The analysis is performed by trained professionals who examine the samples under a microscope or use other testing methods to identify and quantify the asbestos content. The results of asbestos bulk sampling are important for assessing the potential health hazards associated with asbestos-containing materials and for making informed decisions regarding their management, removal, or abatement.
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