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Mold Inspection

Only an expert can recognize the levels of mold that might slowly be doing more damage than normally suspected. Our team’s visual mold inspection can help.

Signs that Your Home has Mold

Mold has a distinct rotting smell that will most likely remind you of a pair of dirty socks. In some cases, you can see mold in corners of your home or workplace. However, mold becomes more evident

Whenever you are performing a DIY home renovation project, such as insulating a ceiling or redoing a floor. You should also check your attic for any visible signs of mold if you have not been there for a long

Many times, seemingly healthy individuals or children experience a scratchy feeling in their throat or a burning sensation in the eyes. If you frequently feel allergy-like symptoms whenever you enter certain rooms of your home or workplace, you may need to get professional mold inspection and testing

Quest Mold and Asbestos: Get in touch with Certified and Licensed Professionals

Our experienced team of licensed and certified mold inspectors performs:

  • A thorough visual mold inspection survey
  • Mold testing and moisture survey
  • Tests for assessing your indoor air quality

When to Get your Next Mold Inspection

Get in touch with Quest Mold and Asbestos in the following situations.

Water damage

Contact us in case of a leaking roof, a flooded basement, or a broken pipe. That’s because any wet place
that you don’t dry within 48 hours could be a breeding ground for mold.

Buying a New Home

You can check for any signs of water damage in the property you are about to purchase.

When Moving into an Unoccupied House

If you are shifting to a house that’s been unoccupied for years, humidity can build up inside, leading to mold development. That’s especially the case if you are moving to an area with warmer weather.

Quest Mold and Asbestos offers Professional Inspection and Testing Services

Living or working in a toxic environment can affect your overall health. If you observe some blue, green, white, or black stuff growing in your house, get in touch with us. Even if you don’t see any signs of mold growth, getting a mold inspection and test will ensure that are you are not exposed to the toxic effects of mold.

Quest Mold and Asbestos provides comprehensive mold inspection and testing services for residents of Long Island and New York. Trust in our licensed and certified inspectors for inclusive mold testing and
inspection services.

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