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Quest Mold and Asbestos
Inspection and Testing Services

Our competent team offers safe inspection and testing services for mold and asbestos in residential and commercial properties. Whether you need to schedule an inspection for your home, office, place of worship, or school, Quest Mold and Asbestos is just a call away.
Whether you are a realtor who is looking for an affordable and certified inspection team or a contractor with a deadline, our inspection, and testing services are for everyone. We also help homeowners and insurance adjusters who need an unbiased evaluation.

Why do you Need Mold Inspection and Testing Services?

A common misconception is that only a dirty house or a building is susceptible to mold. In reality, mold and asbestos can affect any residential or commercial building. Many times, the occupants don’t even realize that they have a mold problem until they schedule an inspection.
For years, Quest Mold and Asbestos are serving commercial property managers, business owners, insurance adjusters, real estate professionals, and businesses throughout Long Island and all five boroughs of New York.
We employ state-of-the-art technology and comply with the latest standards to examine your property thoroughly. Our qualified and certified inspection professionals examine your building’s structure as well as test the water supply and indoor air to detect the presence of mold.

When to Inspect and Test your Property for Mold

• If you notice a musty odor in your home or building
• After a sewage backup, a leak, or a flood
• If you or your children are experiencing allergy-like symptoms
• Before a mold remediation
• If your attic, basement, or other areas of your home are damp
• When an ice dam forms on your roof and leaks into your workplace or home
• Before you are selling or purchasing a property

Why do you Need Asbestos Inspection and Testing Services?

According to ATSDR, Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, Asbestos can have serious outcomes for our health. Even if we inhale a few fibers of this naturally occurring mineral fiber, we can be at risk of several diseases, including lung cancer.
Here is a glimpse of what we offer in our testing and inspection services.
• Perform a comprehensive site survey for identifying asbestos-containing materials
• Offer asbestos bulk, air, and soil sampling services
• Provide an in-depth report to identify the location, quantity, and condition of asbestos-containing materials

When to Inspect and Test your Property for Asbestos

Whether you are selling your property or planning a renovation project, you should schedule an Asbestos inspection and testing service. Furthermore, if you are renovating any property constructed before 1980, you need to have an asbestos inspection. Our experienced asbestos inspectors are licensed to conduct a professional asbestos inspection in your home.

Get the Best Mold and Asbestos Inspection and Testing Services

Contact us today if you want to get professional mold and asbestos inspection and testing services in Long Island and all five boroughs. Quest Mold and Asbestos Inspection and Testing Services will guarantee a safe and contaminant-free environment for enjoying a healthier life.
Our well-trained and qualified professionals with a friendly response team make us among the top mold and asbestos inspection companies in New York. We offer an array of services, including testing, environmental monitoring, air monitoring, risk assessments, and consultation services.

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